The top ten stories from the first year of AutoblogGreen - Numbers 10 through 6

How fitting, our #6 story for the year has a "6" in the image.

As noted, today marks the one-year anniversary of AutoblogGreen. Sounds like a good time to look back and see what caught the eyes of our readers. Based on the number of page views, these are the top 10 stories of the year (well, #10 through #6. I'll have #5 through #1 later).

10.) Electric Vehicles in Depth, Part I: The History of EVs
AutoblogGreen feature writer (and author of Sliding Home: A Complete Guide to Driving Your Diesel on Straight Vegetable Oil) Ray Holan took a long look at the history of electric vehicles in his two-part series. Maybe people liked the way this history was clearly laid out; maybe they liked the story because it started with the line: I can't be the only one in America sick of hearing about hybrids.

9.) Toyota to take aim at Smart's ForTwo
Word that Toyota was going to bring the Endo concept into the real world as a small, high-mileage, city ca certainly got people's attention. We haven't heard much about this since, and it is supposed to be at dealerships this year, so we won't have to wait long to see what happens.

8.) BMW officially announces the BMW Hydrogen 7
BMW's official word regarding this dual-fuel luxury car did not go unnoticed. AutoblogGreen has since had a chance to take a Hydrogen 7 for a quick drive (and take some pictures).

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7.) alé goes for X-Prize
The 92-mpg, 2-seat 3-wheeler alé certainly has the seeds that could grow into an X-Prize contender, but with the rules calling for sales to be part of the plan, it's unlikely the alé will drive off with the top prize. Still, good looks and high mileage.

6.) The 131 mpg Caterham Seven
The Caterham Seven gets more miles-per-gallon than the alé, so perhaps that's why it beat out the orange teardrop for the #6 spot. Or maybe it's because basically a stock car ready for the track and still sips less fuel than half a Prius.

Stay tuned for the Top Five... (UPDATE: Top Five now available)

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