Death Car: Ford HySeries Edge almost kills the president

Perhaps Ford CEO Alan Mulally's retelling of President Bush's encounter with the Ford HySeries Edge the other day is slightly exaggerated, but it sounds like the president had a close call with the dangers of new and dangerous hydrogen technology.

According to the Detroit News, Mulally said at the New York Auto Show that "he intervened to prevent President Bush from plugging an electrical cord into the hydrogen tank of Ford's hydrogen-electric plug-in hybrid at the White House."

Because Ford arranged to have an actual electrical outlet installed on the South Lawn (Ford can do that?), the live extension cord was left on the ground, close to the rear fuel tank. Apparently, this is dangerous. As Mulally explained:

"I just thought, 'Oh my goodness!' So, I started walking faster, and the President walked faster and he got to the cord before I did. I violated all the protocols. I touched the President. I grabbed his arm and I moved him up to the front. I wanted the president to make sure he plugged into the electricity, not into the hydrogen. This is all off the record, right?"

This brings up the obvious questions of what, exactly, was the danger, and how will this be fixed before these cars make it into production.

UPDATE: Keith Olbermann says Mulally is lying.

Later UPDATE: Ford CEO: Sorry I'm such a liar

[Source: Detroit News]

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