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Should I be concerned about EV range? | An EV Owner’s Journal

Or, how I stopped worrying and learned to love a sub-200-mile range

Or, how I stopped worrying and learned to love a sub-200-mile range.

Grappling with the dark side of EVs | An EV owner’s journal

Are EVs truly environmentally friendly?

Are EVs truly environmentally friendly?

Volvo will start sales of XC40 PHEV crossover next year

PHEV mill will update Volvo's 'twin-engine' concept.

Volvo will follow the debut of its plug-in hybrid crossover with battery-electric and mild-hybrid models.

BMW works with software platform QMerit on install services

New website 'certifies' local charging-station installers

BMW and California-based software maker QMerit collaborate on www.bmwcharging.com, which lists certified charging-station installers.

Tesla may start sales in India as soon as this summer

India's vehicle market is about the size of California's.

Tesla wants to capitalize on a relatively small but growing vehicle-buying base.

Volkswagen outlines $2 billion infrastructure-spending plan

Including 500 new chargers for US plug-in vehicle drivers.

Volkswagen will spend $2 billion over five years to add charging stations across the US and establish a "Green City."

Hyundai Ioniq hybrid and EV sales begin this month

Expect a big marketing push in March.

The plug-in hybrid variant should be available by this September.

Lucid Motors is taking deposits for the 1,000-hp Air EV

The startup will show off a model in SoCal this weekend.

The luxury electric sedan is expected to arrive in 2018.

How Wattway is taking the lead in solar-road projects

Colas's Wattway went down to Georgia.

Colas's Wattway project adds swaths of solar-powering roadway to Georgia, France, as it broadens solar-energy concept.

Tesla keeps on truckin' with electric semi progress

Musk reiterates that the Model 3 is the priority, though.

Tesla's Guillen has been working on an electric-truck project since joining the company from Daimler in 2012.

January: The happy-new-year edition

Late-2016 green-car sales surge may not have been a fluke.

January's green-car sales surge as plug-in vehicle demand jumps about 74 percent, with the Chevy Bolt, Honda Accord Hybrid, and Ford Fusion Hybrid garnering higher demand.

Ontario EV program tweak paves way for more Tesla sales

That Model S P100D probably still won't qualify.

Ontario provincial government lifts price cap on electric vehicles that qualify for bigger rebate, effectively making most Teslas eligible.

Act Surprised: Faraday Future drastically shrinks factory plans in North Las Vegas

The startup automaker still hopes its FF91 is out by the end of next year.

Faraday Future had planned to build a Nevada factory at about three million square feet, but is now setting up a plant at about a quarter of that size.

Chevy Bolt and Volt both easily outpace Nissan Leaf sales

Bolt sales doubled between December and January.

Chevrolet Bolt electric-vehicle sales already outpaced the more established Nissan Leaf in just its second month of availability.

Volkswagen, Bosch reach diesel settlement worth $1.6 billion

This latest settlement will cost VW $1.2 billion alone.

VW will either fix or buy back about 78,000 Volkswagens, Audis, and Porsches with V6 diesel engines.

UK funeral-home operator touts Leaf-based 'Eco-Hearse'

Leaf-based vehicle can go 85 miles on a charge while holding a casket.

UK's first all-electric hearse is based on the Nissan Leaf platform and offered by London-based Leverton & Sons.

BMW is about to start building model year 2017 diesel cars for the US

Regulators delayed BMW diesel certification last year.

BMW, whose diesel-certification efforts were delayed last year, is getting ready to make diesel-powered cars and SUVs bound for America.

Chevrolet Bolt will be on sale nationwide by September [UPDATE]

Chevy's EV model is starting to work its way down the East Coast.

The Chevrolet Bolt will be offered for order in 18 states by May, with Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia among the next to have access to the model.

EPA won't back off 2025 greenhouse-gas emissions targets

The regulator says the technology is there and costs are falling.

Despite protests from some automakers, the US Environmental Protection Agency maintains its target for reduced greenhouse-gas emissions for 2025.

Four West Coast mayors want a group deal on 24,000 new EVs

That's about a third as many EVs as Americans bought last year.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland mayors collaborated on a request for information to automakers that make electric vehicles.

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