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Experts warn WannaCry could spread as people return to work on Monday.

Renault halted manufacturing at plants in France, and Romania to prevent the spread of ransomware in its systems, and a Nissan manufacturing plant in Sunderland, northeast England was also affected.

More than 60 parts transform this big Titan into a go-almost-anywhere expo rig.

It's meant to do what the manufacturers sometimes don't: Promote electric cars.

Nissan hopes to cash in on the Qashqai in the United States.

Feeling sporty while going Rogue.

The car makes more horsepower than the dyno can measure.

A built-in Faraday cage blocks all incoming connections.

19th-century technology in a Nissan Juke.

The modified Leaf will be the first EV to enter the charity race.

Mountains, deserts, and steppes, oh my!

One man's disappointment is another man's bargain.

Certain cars are much more likely to be ditched within the year of initial purchase than others. Here they are, and this is how much you could save on a nearly new model.

Looking for a nice little compact performance car? Better look elsewhere.

Watch: Spectacular crash demolishes car.

Driving drunk on her way to a wake? She's lucky the next wake wasn't for her and her son.

What good features for what a good boy.

Yo dogs, we heard you like riding in the car, so we put dog stuff in this car.

Tracks, not tires.

In addition to the tracks, it has other military-style goodies.

We discuss Maserati's foray into crossovers, why bad cars can make good rentals, and the new and used cars you should buy.

Some advertised car deals are too good to be true. But these three deals are both good and true.

Deep pockets, experience, alliances matter.

Navigant Research looked at 18 companies working on self-driving technology.

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