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Updates keep this compact crossover competitive, if not exciting.


Manual transmissions apparently are the best theft deterrent.

Stick with the stick.


Carlos Ghosn will become the chairman of Mitsubishi.

Expect some Nissan-based Mitsubishis in the future. And perhaps Mitsubishi-based Nissans.


The price is up slightly, but you get some extra features for it.

10 parts-bin specials we think automakers should build.

We've compiled a list of ten cars that could easily be made into factory hot rods with just a little effort from the automaker.


Small, funky SUVs are the rage and Hyundai wants in.


All-new pickup reigns supreme in the Lone Star State.


Agree? Agree to disagree? Make your voice heard in our poll.

The Mitsubishi Delica D:5 would look great as a Nissan Quest Q:5. Just sayin'.


A Sentra with more power that points the way to a full performance package.


The Chevrolet Camaro, Kia Forte, and Nissan Maxima also earned awards.


Autonomy opens a world of opportunity to car designers. Join our panel of designers and thought leaders as we explore how driverless cars will activate a design revolution. This panel includes, Mark Prommel, Melissa Cefkin, Paul Snyder, and Brett Berk.


Yes, you could buy an AWD small minivan with a manual transmission in 1986.

From the era of tall Japanese wagons with four-wheel-drive, manual transmissions, and endearingly insectoid styling.


T-Tops, 5-speed, and just 149,000 miles on the clock.

A screaming red Nissan 300ZX with T-tops, spoiler, and 5-speed was considered an extremely cool car to have in 1988. These days, when one gets banged up, it's doomed.


"I have a bad feeling about this."

These aren't the crossovers you're looking for. Probably.


Want a bolo tie in vehicle form? Nissan has the truck for you.

Nissan gives its Titan the Texas treatment with fresh grille, wheels, bumper, and plenty of badges. Like, a lot of badges.


The wait at the DMW will never be the same.

You can go on auto pilot in so many new ways.

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