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Four-wheel drive and diesel propulsion come courtesy of the Titan XD.


It will also star in PlayStation's Gran Turismo series.

Icons team up.


He worked with the shop owner and a State Department official to obtain and sell the vehicles.


A rare lightweight Jaguar E-Type took the sales crown.

Total sales neared $300 million.


It's more than 200 pounds lighter than a Hellcat.

Look for modifications to the steering, suspension, and brakes.


This ain't your daddy's Caddy.

A new version of The Beast is on the way, and it might make it in time for inauguration day.


Money can buy a truck, but it can't buy taste.

Assault is a crime. Sorry Chevrolet Colorado. You didn't deserve this.

Honda's Riding Assist Motorcycle uses robotics technology for self-leveling capabilities, meaning the bike can balance itself without gyroscopes.


This would bring their range to a grand total of two models.

The new car would require cooperation with another automaker.

We drive everything, but here's what we spent our own money on in 2016.


Not much cargo space for presents.

Reindeer don't make these sounds.


Just over five years since returning to the road-car business.

And sales are expected to double again next year.


Leno gives Tyson a ride in his custom built, turbine-powered EcoJet.


NASA and SCCA club racers rejoice.

The 5.2-liter Voodoo V8 still beats within.


The Gran Artic 300 carries 300 passengers and is nearly 100 feet long.

A 300-passenger, biarticulated bendy bus might be more practical than China's weird tram/bus concept.


Ron Dennis’s ouster might have something to do with a takeover bid, too.

No bid, but there were talks.


Only 75 of 300 total units are bound for the US.

A certificate signed by Daimler Chairman Dr. Dieter Zetsche confirms its authenticity.


More of everything old trucks never had. And that may not be enough.

It's a recreation of an aftermarket-converted pickup you might not have heard of.


The 1,000 horsepower classic is a head-turner.

It's much more than just a big engine in a classic body.

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