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750 for the track version.

The cars pack a 3.2-liter supercharger.

Smartcar is already working with Hyundai on its Ioniq platform.

Both are powered by 750-horsepower supercharged V8s.

Only 150 F-150s will be built this year.

Harleys and Jeeps come together in Saint-Tropez for Euro Fest.

More than 60 parts transform this big Titan into a go-almost-anywhere expo rig.

Guess which one will do donuts.

The new electric powertrain is making nearly four times the power of the old flat-four.

It's putting down about 450 horsepower at the wheels.

The car makes more horsepower than the dyno can measure.

Because sometimes bone stock isn't enough.

Imagine an F-150 Raptor with nearly 1,000 lb-ft of torque.

It couples subtle looks with a loud exhaust.

Do loud pipes save lives? We don't know ... but they can definitely pop airbags.

Now your mildly spicy Civic Sport can be a true hot hatch.

Delphi also wants to work with automakers on future products.

It's less expensive than that V8 swap you've considered.

Flyin' Miata is the sole US distributor.

Don't let your dreams be dreams.

This is an all-weather cruiser for both the street and trail.

A ute revival may be closer than you think

Car based trucks used to be popular. But, is anybody looking to fill this void in the here and now?

High speed in the hands of Hennessey.

Testing is to see how Hennessey can upgrade from stock.

Expect AEV's always excellent build quality, and the high cost that comes with it.

The Exorcist doesn't come cheap, though

Watch it destroy some tires at the dragstrip.

The new model will slot below the Speedback GT.

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