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Company's first fiberglass trailer is one man's dream come true

It's easy to believe Thompson when he says, "I've never had a project so close to my heart as this trailer."


It provides its own electric power to increase range

It provides its own electric power to increase range.


An unusual idea that could be a great solution for some people

An unusual idea that could be a great solution for some people.

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You'll never need a spotter again

RVR is a remote control trailer mover designed for commercial and consumer use. The aluminum bodied trailer mover comes in three different models that are able to move up to 3,500 lbs, 5,500 lbs, and 9,000 lbs. The remote controlled RVR starts at $2,100. Learn more at trailervalet.com Transcript: Move trailers by pushing a button? RVR is a remote controlled trailer mover by Trailer Valet. It was built to improve the maneuverability of trailers for commercial or consumer use. It features heavy d


The main target is a Ferrari 250 GTO.

It's like Gone in 60 Seconds meets The Fast and the Furious.


The future of the United Corporations of America will be full of cars designed to drive fast and kill people. Apparently.


An extensive look at the new Amazon Prime series.

Before attaching a trailer to your vehicle, you will need to make sure that you have the proper trailer hitch installed on the back of your car or truck.


Take a look behind the scenes with Rory Reid and Chris Harris.

Because one British motoring program just isn't enough.


But don't look for this capability in the US.

Properly equipped and thanks to new heat management tech, the latest Toyota Prius will tow a trailer up to 1,600 pounds.


Electric SUV Tesla Model X can still scamper with a trailer on the back.

Bowlus says a Tesla Model X will have 70 percent of its single-charge range even when towing on the highway.


Make your own hippie version of 'Road Rules'

Homegrown Trailers builds solar-powered campers from sustainable materials.

Towing a trailer or boat is something that many of us do without too much thought.

Horse owners need a vehicle with towing capacity.

A trailer hitch is also known as a tow hitch, and is used to pull a vehicle, boat, or other things behind a vehicle.

You may not realize it, but small cars are capable of towing up to 2,000 pounds safely, with full size trucks, vans and SUVs offering the ability to tow up to 10,000 pounds.

If you look around when you’re on the road, you’ll see many people towing things with their vehicles.


The Happier Camper HC1 is an 1,100-pound travel trailer with thorough detailing and a flexible interior that helps make the most of its luxury price.

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