New Cars 3 trailer shows Lightning McQueen's comeback story

Disney's Pixar studio released a new trailer for Cars 3, and it gives us our best look yet at the plot and locales in the film. Apparently, McQueen's big wreck has prompted the question of whether his days of racing are numbered, with the question of retirement voiced by a news report in the trailer. McQueen is also facing the successful new racer, Jackson Storm, who was previously revealed to be a high-tech hot-shot. This characteristic is highlighted by the highly advanced testing and simulation equipment Storm uses in the trailer.

It seems McQueen has no intention of cruising quietly into the night, however. At one point in the trailer, a disembodied voice tells McQueen he won't be as fast as, presumably, Storm, but he can race "smarter." At the same time in the trailer, it is shown that McQueen disappeared into the country to an abandoned dirt racetrack to prepare and train with another new character, Cruz Ramirez. He is also shown sporting a new livery.

McQueen probably won't have an easy road ahead of him, and his training could be rough. The trailer shows him at a figure eight dirt track at one point, which will probably be a full-contact event. From the looks of it, though, he'll survive and have another shot at Storm. Whether he'll win is another question though. The first Cars had a happy ending, but (spoiler alert) it didn't involve McQueen winning the Piston Cup. We'll have to wait for the film's debut on June 16 to find out how his journey ends. If it ends.

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