Pull this trailer with a small car and be a Happier Camper

We tried out a 22-foot Airstream travel trailer recently and loved it, yet at 3,634 pounds you can't tow it with just anything. The double-hull fiberglass Happier Camper HC1 - Happier Camper is the name of the Los Angeles-based company - takes care of that by weighing just 1,100 pounds dry, said to be 1,500 pounds of real-world weight. The light weight doesn't compromise its feature set, the HC1 having large side and rear doors that open what the company calls an Adaptiv flexible interior.

Empty, you get 70 square feet of cargo storage for hauling something like a motorcycle or ATV. Or, using a set of cubes from 16 inches to 20 inches tall, you can rig up a long bench along three walls, install a bed, sink, and table, or make the whole interior a huge bed that sleeps five. A deep-cycle battery provides power, and a 100-watt solar panel can keep the juice flowing. While your gadgets drink from the sun, a manual awning keeps things people protected from it.

Along with an emphasis on design, the HC1 has three other things in common with that Airstream: it is built in the USA at the company headquarters just north of downtown Los Angeles, it is detailed for convenience with things like D-ring tiedowns and interior storage, and it isn't inexpensive. The HC1 comes in Basic, Full, and Premium trims, starting at $16,000 and going up to $24,000 before you add options. But if you have a travel trailer urge and a daily ride with a 1,700-pound tow rating, the Happier Camper deserves a look.

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