To avoid traffic, this guy swims to work

Benjamin David got sick of Munich congestion.

Munich, Germany resident Benjamin David hated sitting in traffic on his way to his job at a beer garden. So instead of hopping in a car or on a bike, he now puts on a wetsuit and jumps into the River Isar for his daily commute.

He saves time, and finds the swim "beautifully refreshing." David told Reuters, "I used to go by bike or bus or car or on foot and you need much longer. Today the current was quite strong and I only needed about 12 minutes."

Of course, he doesn't spend his workday in a soggy wetsuit. Instead, David packs a set of clothes and his laptop into a waterproof bag, which floats along with him on his watery commute. While it's quicker, cheaper, and emissions-free, the trek isn't without its challenges. Temperatures in the River Isar drop to a frigid 39 degrees in the winter. While the cold water can deter him, he has a longer wetsuit that he wears if he does decide to take the fast way to work in the colder months.

For those of us who have grown accustomed to our wheeled commutes, the idea of hopping into a swift, chilly river to avoid traffic sounds drastic. Watching Mr. David hop in, though, makes us wish we had the option of taking the waterway to work, especially on one of those muggy Michigan summer days.

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