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Bentley Continental GT 'Ultratank' makes tracks in Russia. Literally

YouTuber needed the W12's turbos replaced, decided to go REALLY agressive

YouTuber needed the W12's turbos replaced, decided to go REALLY aggressive.

Luxury military TANK from Rezvani Motors

Just in case you need your parking camera to have thermal vision

Just in case you need your parking camera to have thermal vision.

Take a ride in the Ripsaw luxury supertank | Translogic 218

One tank to rule them all

Join our host Jonathon Buckley as he checks out the epic Ripsaw tank, recently featured in The Fate Of The Furious.

Ripsaw EV2 | Autoblog Minute

Howe and Howe Technologies created a non street legal luxury tank for consumers.

US Army wants movable tank armor

Because simply adding more static armor just isn't an option.

The Army wants tank operators to be able to remotely shuffle armor around their tank in response to threats.

Kurdish Peshmerga preparing to battle ISIS in homemade tanks

Mad Max goes to war in Iraq.

There's armor for protection, guns and rocket launchers for attack, and flat black paint for psychological warfare.

Iraqi Army deploying remote-controlled buggy to help liberate Mosul

Toting a machine gun and a rocket launcher, this small drone means business.

Video, originally posted by The Baghdad Post, shows Alrobot in action, zipping across desert scrub and firing its cannon.

Australian consumer activists destroy a Dodge Journey with a tank

Not surprisingly, FCA has a different view on the stunt.

An Australian couple held an event where they crushed their unreliable and frustrating Dodge Journey with a retired army tank.

The Marines are fitting their tanks with anti-missile tech

The US Marine Corps and Army are getting serious about protecting their tanks from missile attacks.

This firefighting tank isn't from Hell, it's from Russia

The Omsktransmash JMP can fight fires anywhere, even an explosives factory.

A Russian company has joined parts of Soviet-era armor to create a monstrous firefighting tank designed to battle conflagrations in armories and arsenals.

How to turn your old Lada into an all-conquering ATV

Answer: tank tracks.

A Russian man (of course he's Russian) has fitted full-size tank treads to a Lada Riva. It is awesome.

This modular robot tank converts into a tracked hoverboard

The unmanned vehicle is equal parts hoverboard and tank.

Drifting tanks on ice is a form of training (probably)

Some US Marines had a good ole time in the name of training, drifting their 60-plus-ton M1A1 Abrams tank along icy stretches of rural Norway.

Hamas proudly shows off its new tank, just one small problem

The Palestinian group Hamas proudly displayed a captured and rebuilt Israeli tank on social media yesterday, but the 'tank' was quickly exposed as a car.

When tank drifting goes wrong

Things went very wrong during the International Tank Biathlon when a Russian-built T-72 got a bit too gnarly while drifting, completing almost a complete flip.

Student driver's Toyota crushed by British tank in Germany

An 18-year-old student driver in Germany got the shock of a lifetime when her Toyota was crushed by a British tank. While the car was destroyed, she wasn't seriously injured.

1990s F1 suspension tech applied to tanks

BAE Systems has borrowed a page from Formula 1, adding active damping to its CV90 tank and improving its speed over rough terrain by up to 40 percent.

Ripsaw EV2 is the drifting snow machine of our dreams

The Ripsaw EV2 is the utterly wonderful combination of a supercar and a tank. And it can drift, too.

Clarkson supporters deliver petition to BBC in a tank [w/video]

Members of a political blog drove a tank through London, to deliver a million-signature petition in support of Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson to the BBC headquarters.

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