How to turn your old Lada into an all-conquering ATV

Answer: tank tracks.

Earlier this week, I told you all about driving a Nissan Murano with tank treads instead of wheels. That was a relatively simple conversion that could easily be swapped back to conventional wheels and tires by just one person and in about an hour's time. What you're about to see is not a simple conversion. Not even a little bit. Because Russia.

Yes, that is a Lada Riva, and instead of individual treads like our Dominator-equipped Nissan, engineer Pavel Shavrin fitted what looks like a full-size tank underneath the Soviet-era body. Shavrin calls it the Wolverine, and uses it for getting about his land in the remote Ural Mountains. Insert witty Russian reversal here.

According to Ruptly TV, the tank treads came from a "Ural manufacturing" company, but we don't know if that means a company in the Ural Mountains or the manufacturer of the legendary Ural motorcycles. But whatever is underpinning this Lada, it will do 31 miles per hour. And it only took Shavrin about six months and the equivalent of $1,300 to put it on the road. That's not too bad a deal in the world of treaded communist-era compacts.

If you want to see the Riva Tank in action, check out the B-roll video from Ruptly TV, available below.

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