Drifting tanks on ice is a form of training (probably)

We can watch drifting all day long. That's doubly true when the thing being drifted is a 60-plus-ton Marine Corps M1 Abrams tank. And yes, the antics on display here don't have nearly as sad of an ending as the last tank drifting video we posted.

According to our chums at Foxtrot Alpha, the USMC armor is busy tearing up rural Norway as part Cold Response, an annual exercise between the US, Norway, and other allies. And while this might look like nothing more than some young tankers hooning an expensive piece of military equipment, the reality is that learning to manage tank treads in icy terrain is a crucial skill, and one that may have atrophied after decades of US armor working in deserts.

The video shows the M1A1 doing an armored approximation of the old Scandinavian Flick. And if you're particularly eagle-eyed, you'll even spot a Norwegian Leopard 2 making a similar maneuver. A second vid features a Marine AAV tracked lander doing its own winter maneuvering, dicing through a slalom and doing some drifting, as well.

The tanks are top, and the AAV is down below. You'll want to carve out over 13 minutes to watch both of them, but we promise, it'll put a smile on your face.

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