Iraqi Army deploying remote-controlled buggy to help liberate Mosul

Toting a machine gun and a rocket launcher, this small drone means business.

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ISIS loves suicide bombings and improvised explosive devices. They're easy to build and as jihadists have proved over the past decade, extremely effective. That's why the Iraqi Army is mobilizing a the robot, or more precisely alrobot.

Arabic for "robot," Alrobot the nickname for Iraq's new remote-operated, buggy-like mini tank. According to The Baghdad Post (via Defense One), Iraq armed its new system with four cameras, what looks like a .50-caliber machine gun mounted on a turret, and Russian-made Katyusha rockets. Soldiers control Alrobot via a laptop and radio link from up to a kilometer away, guaranteeing safety for soldiers from IEDs, car bombs, or suicide bombers.

"Two brothers" built Alrobot, Defense One reports, but the site doesn't know their names (probably for the best) or when the Iraqi military will deploy it. D1 showed the video – also obtained by The Baghdad Post – to the Middle East Media Research Institute's deputy director, Elliot Zweig, who said the remote-controlled buggy would probably join Iraq's efforts to liberate its third largest city.

"The armored robot seems to be part of the Iraqi military arsenal in the offensive to liberate Mosul from ISIS," Zweig said. Mosul has been a major ISIS hub for over two years, but was a jihadi stronghold long before then.

You can see The Baghdad Post's video, hosted by YouTube user Media War Team 2, up top.

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