Take a ride in the Ripsaw luxury supertank | Translogic 218

One tank to rule them all

There are some things in life you just have to admit are cool. For most people, tanks are one of those things. Traditionally, tanks are thought of as slow-rolling, lumbering beasts of military might, but the team who created the Ripsaw luxury supertank are working hard to change that perception. Join our host Jonathon Buckley as he checks out the epic Ripsaw tank, recently featured in The Fate Of The Furious.

Bucko starts the adventure by traveling to Maine to speak with the owners of Howe and Howe Technologies, the company that builds the Ripsaw EV2. "Way back in 2001, we said, 'Let's build the world's fastest tracked vehicle,' and 16 years later we finally put something down that performs," said Mike Howe, president and co-owner of the company.

After learning about the conception and construction of the unique vehicle, of course Bucko needed to get behind the wheel. As always, our daredevil host did better than most on his first run in a supertank, but the real fun starts when Mike Howe asks if he wants to know "what it really feels like." Once Mike is behind the controls and Bucko is in the passenger seat, things get turned up to 11.

To see this truly insane vehicle in action, check out the episode above, and don't forget to tune in to Autoblog every month for more exciting episodes of Translogic.

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