Warfare is terrible, but it does breed ingenuity. One side develops a weapon, and another develops a counter. It's how we humans developed the bow and arrow, armor, firearms, battleships, fighter jets, surface-to-air missiles, and nuclear weapons. And in Iraq, it's this progressive escalation that's led to, well, Mad Max.

As the battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul rages, the Kurdish Peshmerga have started converting trucks and other large vehicles into armored doom machines. According to The Drive, the Peshmerga outfitted its homemade tanks with armor (duh), heavy machine guns, and even missile launchers. Oh, and the black paint adds a degree of psychological firepower to the equation.

The Mad Max treatment should help reinforce the Peshmerga's efforts against ISIS. The Islamists have had a stranglehold on northern Iraq for years, in part because the Peshmerga haven't had the same kind of firepower. Here's hoping the homemade armor helps level the playing field and allows the Kurds to crush ISIS in one of its most powerful strongholds.

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