For much of the country, the snow, ice and cold from the past winter is finally gone, and it's time to get outdoors and enjoy the spring. However, we'd take all of that harsh weather back (maybe) if it came with an opportunity to drive the awesome Ripsaw EV2.

The madmen at Howe and Howe created this monstrous machine, and we actually saw a much earlier version of it years ago. While it looked like a battering ram with tracks back then, it has turned into the world's greatest melding of a supercar and a tank today. Now sporting an enclosed cockpit, a huge bank of lights and a bed in the back for hauling, the Ripsaw looks like the ultimate weapon for a post-apocalyptic nuclear winter. And it can drift, too – really, really well, in fact. Plus, small trees are absolutely no obstacle, because this thing barrels right over them.

One video isn't enough to contain the amazing might of the Ripsaw, so check out the clip below, as well, to see it sliding around even more.

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