Look, drifting just about anything on wheels is fun, or a least fun to watch. But drifting tanks is something far more interesting and entertaining, if only for the sheer absurdity of a 42-ton Russian T-72 being flung sideways across the dirt.

The T-72 is one of the most popular tanks on the planet, with over 20,000 produced since the early 1970s. In this case, the tanks are from Russia, China, and several other countries and are out drifting and fording as part of the International Tank Biathlon Championship, according to Foxtrot Alpha. While things in this video start out well, as they so often do when video cameras and drifting are involved, the situation deteriorates. Quickly.

After several tanks successfully slide sideways and tackle the deep-water obstacle, one camouflaged tank enters the scene with just a bit too much gusto. It then executes a nearly perfect barrel roll, ending on its side. Be sure to have the volume going on this one, too, if only for the frantic Russian exclamations followed by the English word, "YouTube," which we take to mean "This is totally going on YouTube, comrade."

Check out the video up top, or just fast-forward to 1:53 to see things go pear shaped.

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