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Mazda again puts the rotary engine's resurrection on the back burner

It was supposed to help squeeze more range from the MX-30

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Mazda development chief discusses future rotary platform

XEV could operate as mild hybrid to something like range extended BEV.

Mazda is currently working with a very flexible and efficient rotary hybrid platform.

Mazda rotary engine returns in 2020 as an EV range-extender

Yes, it's official. It's really happening.

Yes, it's official. It's really happening.

1993 Mazda RX-7 Retro Review | A '90s hero turns 25

There was nothing else like it on the road – and there still isn't

There was nothing else like it on the road – and there still isn't

Driving classic Mazdas to experience the weird and wonderful rotary's triumph

From the original 110S Cosmo to the first RX-7

Mazda demonstrated to the world a rotary could stay the distance.

Watch what happens inside a rotary engine

See the spinning Dorito in action

Since it looks like Mazda may very well revive the Wankel rotary engine as a range extender for electric cars, there's no better time to become reacquainted with the quirky internal-combustion engine. And there's hardly a better way to become reacquainted than by peering into a running rotary engine, which you can do with the video above.

Mazda to use rotary engine as a range-extender with its first electric vehicle

A rotary may come, but it might not be what you're hoping for.

Mazda's rotary engine may live on as a range extender (UPDATE)

Think Mazda2 RE Range Extender

There's evidence that it will happen.

Mazda will have a new rotary concept at Tokyo show, trying to bring it to production

Mazda's still keeping the rotary flame alive

It's still unlikely, but somewhat less so.

Mazda-Toyota partnership has us dreaming of a rotary hybrid

That might be wishful thinking, but here are some other great possible outcomes.

And like any dream, it probably won't be there when we wake up.

Mazda patents show rotary engine for range-extended EV

Design could improve rotary's weaknesses of fuel economy, emissions.

We previously saw similar tech in a Mazda2 rotary hybrid.

Sorry, rotary fans, Mazda's RX Vision probably won't happen

The rotary sportscar you want probably isn't coming any time soon, but it's in Mazda's interest to lead you on.

Mazda engineer wants new rotary to be turbocharged

Mazda's drivetrain and powertrain assistant manager wants the company's revived rotary engine to be turbocharged.

50 engineers kept the rotary alive at Mazda for 8 years

For the last eight years, a dedicated team of 50 engineers at Mazda have been working with a small budget to bring the rotary engine back.

Jay Leno drives the incredible Mercedes-Benz C111-II concept

Jay Leno gets to experience one of Mercedes' most interesting vintage concepts on the road with a drive in the 1970 C111-II concept.

Mazda RX-7 could return in 2020

Autocar is the latest with another rumor about a Mazda RX-7 revival, saying Mazda is planning something "significant" for its 100th anniversary in 2020. Reading between the vague lines, however, we wouldn't get our hopes up.

Will the Mazda2 be offered as a PHEV with a rotary engine range extender?

Every few months, it seems a rumor crops up about plans from Mazda to revive the rotary engine. Last November, its CEO said the only way another one could happen is if the project was profitable, and then a month later the automaker showed off the Mazda2 RE Range Extender wi

Mazda CEO says rotary not viable, so don't look for a new one

We have some very sad news to report, rotor-heads fans: Don't expect a new rotary-powered vehicle anytime soon. This comes straight from Masamichi Kogai, the CEO of Mazda, which is the only company to ever market a commercially successful rotary-powered automobile in the world. The issue, as it has pretty much always been, is environmental.

This is what a six-rotor Wankel looks and sounds like

Ah, the Wankel. You magnificent, high-reving feat of unorthodox engineering. Your biggest champion, Mazda, may have left you – at least for the moment – but that doesn't mean some mad mechanics can't rally you and a few friends for a high-horsepower party.

Mazda still pursuing rotary development

Fear not, rotaryphiles. According to a report from The Detroit News, Mazda isn't giving up on the rotary engine anytime soon. Though the RX-8 is headed for the production guillotine, Mazda execs have apparently confirmed that engineers are working on a more efficient and more powerful version of the Wankel. While the project was technically back-burnered during the economic downturn, the resea

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