You might think that Jay Leno has driven it all, but there are a few vehicles so rare that getting behind the wheel is a special experience, even for him. This week on Jay Leno's Garage, the comedian has one of those unique experiences by taking a ride in a 1970 Mercedes-Benz C111-II concept on loan from the Mercedes Classics Center.

First unveiled in 1969, the C111 concept featured an in-vogue wedge shape, gullwing doors, and a mid-mounted three-rotor engine, and it seemed like the supercar of the future. This C111-II went even further in 1970 with tweaked styling and a four-rotor powerplant behind the driver. A V8 eventually replaced the experimental mill, but that switch is also part of the reason this one is still on the road today.

Leno gets the full history about Mercedes' original plans for the C111 project, but obviously the real highlight is the rare drive in this vintage concept. He clearly relishes the experience of finally getting behind the wheel of this piece of auto history, one of the few automotive dreams he hadn't yet fulfilled.

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