We like writing about the next Mazda RX-7 because it's like writing about the Chupacabra, Slenderman, or the Florida Skunkape, all of which are imaginary creatures seen by someone who knew someone who had an uncle whose dead great-grandfather's sister took a picture of it, invariably at night, while she was drunk, with her 1933 Kodak Brownie. Autocar is the latest with an RX-7 revival, saying it could come as soon as 2020 to celebrate Mazda's 100th anniversary.

Before we get to that, let's take a brief look at RX-7 rumors. In 2009 there was speculation we'd get a concept RX-7 at the Tokyo Motor Show. That same year it was predicted the RX-8 would die to make room for a new RX-7 in 2012. In 2010 Mazda was developing a 300-horsepower rotary for the RX-7 that could run on gasoline or diesel and had better fuel economy and less oil consumption. Then Autocar said we could get the new RX-7 by 2013, a rumor that turned into a new RX-9 based on the Mazda MX-5 Miata platform. In 2012 the potential arrival date had become 2017. In 2013 the company CEO Masamichi Kogai said the equivalent of "Not gonna happen," and he said it again last year, just 90 days ago. It should be clear by now that this car is Mazda's version of the Lotus Esprit.


Now that we're clear on all that, what does Autocar say? That a follow-up to the extinct RX-8 is coming that will sit on the new MX-5 Miata platform, and Mazda's vice president of European R&D said there are still 30 engineers working on rotary engines in partnership with universities. The successor will be front-engined and rear-wheel drive, have either two seats or 2+2 seating, and could be called RX-6, RX-7, or RX-9. That sounds like three distinct statements, only one of which is definitely true, that could possibly just maybe add up to a new RX-7, but could even more likely add up to a rotary-engined concept car that never sees production. We've only got five more years to wait, and since we've been begging at the RX-7 doors this long...

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