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1968 Challenger 2 Streamliner’s sale comes as relief to Danny Thompson

The record-setting vehicle comes in well below estimates at Mecum's auction in Kissimmee

Will this 448 mph Challenger 2 piston land speed car fit in your garage?

Danny Thompson, son of racing legend Mickey, set the record in 2018

Watch the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak record run from this bird's eye view

Follow the explosive car as it navigates hairpin mountain turns

The acceleration and sound is amazing

‘Top Gear’ sets world record speed of 87 mph — on a tractor

It’s still a lot slower than the new Honda mower, which goes 134 mph

Today in silly automotive stunts comes news that there's a new world record for fastest modified farm tractor. It comes courtesy of the folks on BBC's "Top Gear"; the actual show airs Sunday on BBC 2.

Hennessey planning Venom F5 speed record assault

Tweaks to the 8.0-liter twin-turbo V8 coming, with 301 mph as the goal

Tweaks to the 8.0-liter twin-turbo V8 are still being contemplated

Watch BMW shatter drifting record: One wrong move and 'he's getting sandwiched'

8 hours, 232.5 miles and five insane car-to-car refuelings

Its daring car-to-car refueling scheme earns it a second world record.

Watch: BMW will attempt car-to-car refueling during 8-hour drift

File under: Don’t try this at home.

File under: Don't try this at home

SSC — remember them? — releases new teaser image for Tuatara supercar

The concept was first unveiled back in 2011, with plans for a new U.S. production facility delayed for years.

The Devel Sixteen hypercar, and its 5,000-hp engine, are real

The company revealed its final concept version in Dubai, and its American-made engine is tested on a dyno.

The company revealed its final concept version in Dubai, and its American-made engine hits 5,000 hp on a dyno.

Updated with video: Nio EP9 EV hypercar claims new Nurburgring record

It beat its previous best by over 19 seconds.

Nio claims the EP9 to be the fastest road-legal car around the Nordschleife

Red Bull's Bryce Menzie jumps a truck 379 feet over a ghost town

A fractured shoulder and a new world record are the results.

Red Bull may not give humans wings, but this truck can fly.

Americans drove 1.58 trillion miles through June, or 250 roundtrips from Earth to Pluto

US drivers broke the all-time driving mileage record in the first half of 2016.

Naturally, more miles driven also means more roadwork is needed.

Ride along with Mark Higgins for a record-setting lap

Narrated in-car video is the fastest lap ever around the Isle of Man in a car.

Watch Mark Higgins' in-car video as the driver sets a new record in a heavily-modified Subaru WRX STI around the Isle of Man.

Electric race car sets an acceleration world record

Grimsel achieved the feat with four wheel hub motors that produce a whopping 1,254 foot-pounds of torque and a body that weighs just 370 pounds.

Watch a Subaru BRZ nail world-record tightest 360 spin

British stunt driver Alastair Moffatt scored another world record at Autosport International, where he spun a Subaru BRZ around in a space of 21 feet - just 7 more than the length of the car.

Top 10 most expensive cars sold at auction in 2015

Ferrari Still Most Desirable Brand For Collectors

An amazing array of classics went up for auction in 2015, including these ten examples that each sold for over $10 million, highlighted by Fangio's Ferrari.

Berlin's EV parade smashes California's electric record

Some Of The 576 Drivers Came From As Far Away As India To Participate

Procession of 576 electric vehicles at the airport in Berlin beats the previous record set at 507 in California last year.

Tesla Gigafactory could be biggest building in the world

Massive expansion plans for the Gigafactory that Tesla is still building in the Nevada desert could make it the largest building in the world by any metric you could care to throw at it.

VW Golf TDI circles US on less than $300 of diesel

Volkswagen and Wayne Gerdes have raised the bar for fuel economy by touring all 48 of the contiguous United States in a Golf TDI on just over 100 gallons of diesel.

Vegas dealer sets world record with 218-Hyundai parade

218 Hyundai owners gather in Las Vegas to raise $4,000 to fight drunk driving as part of National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, setting a Guinness-certified world record in the process.

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