How much space do you need to execute a full 360? Less than two car lengths, as it turns out. But you'd need to be someone like Alastair Moffatt to pull it off.

The British stunt driver added another Guinness-certified world record at the Autosport International show in Birmingham, England, the other day when he executed a complete 360-degree turn in just 21.3 feet. 14 of those feet were taken by the Subaru BRZ he drove to accomplish the feat – naturally with the ABS and traction control disengaged. That left just 7.4 feet (2.25 meters) of clearance to flip the car all the way around, which bagged him the record for the world's tightest 360-degree spin that previously stood at 8.2 feet (2.5 meters).

He didn't manage the feat just once: after extensive practicing, Moffatt performed the stunt in front of a cheering crowd, and then repeated it under tightly controlled conditions for the record adjudicators. This isn't the first such world-record stunt that Moffatt has pulled off, either. He previously scored the records for the tightest parallel parking job and for the same in reverse. Watch him accomplish his latest in the video above.
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- Rear-wheel drive Subaru BRZ sets new world record for tightest 360° spin
- Stunt driver Alastair Moffatt secures record at 2016 Autosport Show

Subaru has again demonstrated the agility and precision handling prowess of its rear-wheel drive BRZ sportscar by securing the Guinness World Record for the 'Tightest 360° spin'. The record was secured at the Autosport International Show over the weekend, with the BRZ in capable hands of former world record holder Alastair Moffat.

Stunt-driver ace Alastair Moffatt broke the previous 2.5-metre Guinness World Record, which was achieved in 2014, by flicking the BRZ into a 360° spin between two obstacles in Autosport International's Live Action Arena.

Moffatt has previous experience setting daring Guinness World Records, including 'Tightest Reverse Parallel Park' and 'Tightest Parallel Park', the latter established at the 2015 Autosport show.

The 4.24-metre-long Subaru BRZ is renowned for its low centre of gravity – lower than many high-end supercars – and naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre 'Boxer' engine, making the BRZ one of the most exciting and engaging cars on the road

In order for Alastair to have maximise control over the car throughout the manoeuvre, the traction control was switched off and ABS disengaged. Moffat was keen to try the attempt in the BRZ, given its combination of lightweight, rear wheel drive and highly controllable chassis. He said after the shows: "The Subaru BRZ was the perfect car in which to do it; light, highly manoeuvrable and easy to control. It's great to have another record to my name".

With rear-wheel drive and a Torsen limited slip differential fitted as standard, the BRZ is available from £22,495.

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