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Driving a Calsonic Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 on a Nürburgring road trip

Virtual collides with reality as Gran Turismo dreams come true

Nissan Skyline revealed with GT-R styling cues for Japan

ProPilot 2.0 also arrives with true hands-off highway driving

New York
Nissan to celebrate 50 years of Z and GT-R in New York with special models

The automaker will have a number of new and classic models on display

The automaker will have a number of new and classic models on display.

Godzilla versus Godzilla | 2018 Nissan GT-R meets R32 GT-R in Australia

It took 25 years for our author to drive this classic Nissan GT-R

It took 25 years for our author to drive this classic Nissan GT-R.

2019 Tokyo Auto Salon features one of the coolest auctions we've seen

Check out all those Nissan Skylines

Check out all those Nissan Skylines.

Nissan donates GT-R police car to Japanese police force

A Godzilla to serve and protect.

565 horsepower is pretty good for any police car.

Latest Forza Horizon 3 car pack features a Skyline and a fast Swedish wagon

A JDM legend and a fast wagon will make the enthusiasts happy.

Pot-growing neighbors blamed for fire that killed Skylines, dogs

International Vehicle Importers lost more than two dozen vehicles and two pets in fire.

A few days ago, we brought you news on marijuana's danger to drivers. Today, we bring you news on marijuana's danger to cars.

Fire destroys warehouse full of Nissan Skylines

The warehouse of a Japanese specialty car importer caught fire on Sunday.

A fire broke out at the Ontario, CA location of International Vehicle Importers. 24 cars were destroyed, and sadly two dogs perished.

Question of the Day: What (non-Skyline) JDM car to import?

Japanese-market cars from 1991 are now legal in the USA. Which one do you bring in?

Instead of making the obvious choice, go for something interesting.

Nissan Skyline GT-R history on display in New York

Don't miss your chance to see six generations of Godzilla in one place in America.

The 2016 New York Auto Show offers a chance to see each generation of the Nissan GT-R up close. Here's a chronological look at the evolution of Godzilla.

New York
Nissan's Skyline GT-R display is every Gran Turismo player's fantasy

Nissan has the best display at the New York Auto Show, and it's absolutely because of its awesome collection of vintage Skyline GT-Rs.

Watch a pro drifter drive the Nissan Skyline with his feet

Professional drifter Bartosz Ostalowski has no arms, but he's still able to compete with one foot on the wheel. It's absolutely amazing and inspiring to watch.

Watch Formula Drift Championship leader Chris Forsberg drift a 1975 Datsun 280Z

Chris Forsberg won the Formula Drift Championship in 2009, was in the catbird seat to win it last year until the final race of the season and started this year's season with a win at Long Beach. That is how he can be provide the example for Clarion USA's tagline, "Dream like a champion."

Infiniti brand will finally make its debut in Japan, but not the name

Nissan left the automotive media scratching its collective head when it announced that its Infiniti luxury brand would be renaming all of its vehicles, with cars wearing the Q designation and CUVs/SUVs wearing the QX badge. So the G Sedan became the Q50, and the G Coupe became the Brandon Turkus

Skyline-powered Nissan Patrol shows Juke-R how it's done

If you had told us a few years ago that people would be shoehorning GT-R engines into Nissan SUVs, we'd have told you you were nuts. But that was before the Juke-R came along. And before the Qashqai-R project followed a similar formula. Well, now there's a

Nissan bringing Infiniti brand to Japanese market

Ever hear that the best stuff is saved for export? Just ask Japanese luxury car buyers. It's been decades since Japan's largest automakers set out to take on Europe's finest with dedicated luxury brands of their own, but they have kept those brands largely out of their own domestic market and sold them almost exclusively overseas. But that's beginning to change.

Check out this R33 Nissan Skyline and its crazy heat-sensitive paint

We aren't really sure what to make of this. Here, we see an R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R, which aside from its forbidden fruit factor, isn't particularly special. This car, though, has a kind of heat-sensitive paint that has left us sitting, mouth agape, for the past ten minutes wondering how the heck it works. It comes from Auto Kandy, a paint shop located in the UK.

Man 3D-printing his own replica Aston Martin DB4

Three-dimensional printing is being touted as the Next Big Thing, although at present the products have been on the smaller end. An ambitious man in New Zealand isn't letting that stop him, though. Engadget came up with the original story, and the subject is something we can totally get behind: a 1961 Aston Martin DB4.

Watch this mobility scooter drag race a Nissan Skyline with surprising results

Okay, so we may not be talking about a classic, all-conquering Nissan Skyline GT-R here. But the sub-Godzilla-trim Nissan Skyline GTS-T is still a car, after all. And, as a car, if someone asked you to lay a bet on it versus a mobility scooter (Hoveround, Rascal, you know the type) in a drag race, you'd probably take that action.

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