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Second Drive
2019 Nissan Murano Second Drive Review | Crossover Maximus

Think of it as a high-riding Maxima with available all-wheel drive

Think of it as a high-riding Maxima with available all-wheel drive.

2019 Honda Passport vs. the competition: How they compare on paper

It's facing a lot of competition

Honda is bringing the Passport name back, and given us a bunch of key specs to a full comparison between it and its competitors. Check out how they compare on paper.

First Drive
2019 Nissan Murano First Drive Review | Comfortably cruising

A competent and crisp crossover with a lovely interior

A competent and crisp crossover with a lovely interior.

Los Angeles
2019 Nissan Murano adds V-Motion grille, safety tech

There are more premium interior upgrades as well

There are more premium interior upgrades as well.

Nissan recalls over 215,000 crossovers and sedans for fire risk

Owners advised to park cars away from other vehicles and structures

Owners advised to park cars away from other vehicles and structures.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. midsize crossovers and SUVs: How they compare on paper

Comparing niche midsizers

In a world full of SUVs and crossovers all competing for similar buyers in similar segments, there are still some models that find their own little niches that lack such fevered fighting. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of those vehicles. It's an oddball in the sense that it's a midsize crossover SUV with a unibody chassis and independent suspension, but it still uses rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive systems and has some off-road capability. It's also a midsize crossover, but only offers two

Nissan sets 2017 sales record with help from Rogue, Titan, and Armada

The Rogue was the biggest seller by far, but new reinforcements are needed — and coming.

The Rogue was the biggest seller by far, but new reinforcements are needed — and coming.

Long Term
Our thoughts after a year with a 2015 Nissan Murano

We were split on the design, but pretty much everyone agreed on this crossover's practicality.

Nissan recalls 134,000 Maxima and Murano models due to fire risk

Owners are advised not to drive affected vehicles until they're fixed.

There have been reports of "thermal damage," which we're pretty sure is a nice way of saying that vehicles have caught on fire.

Nissan recalls 3.5 million vehicles over airbag sensor

Nissan is recalling 3.53 million vehicles globally – 3.2 million in the United States – because the front passenger airbag may or may not deploy properly in the event of a crash.

Nissan recalls 2016 Maxima and Murano for brake issue

Nissan will recall the 2016 Maxima and Murano because of a potentially damaged O-ring in the ABS actuator, which could lead to a braking problem.

Nissan's Winter Warriors are uncomfortable, brutal, and awesome

Why? 'Because we can.'

We hit the slopes in Nissan's Winter Warriors, a trio of crossovers with tracks fitted in place of wheels. Awesome? You betcha.

Nissan Winter Warrior concepts are ready for sub-zero school runs

Nissan has converted three of its family-friendly CUVs so that they can handle school runs, soccer practice, and shopping trips... in the Antarctic.

Daily Driver: Long-Term 2015 Nissan Murano

We take our long-term 2015 Nissan Murano for a spin in this Daily Driver.

Nissan recalls 2015 Murano over ABS actuators

Nissan has issued a recall for around 10,000 examples of the 2015 Murano crossover over problems with the ABS actuator, along with another 110 Rogues with mislabeled tires.

Long Term
2015 Nissan Murano: Introduction [w/video]

A Very Rough Start To An Otherwise Happy Honeymoon

Autoblog has added a 2015 Nissan Murano to its long-term test fleet, and the crossover has already had a number of problems during its first few months in our hands.

Nissan Murano hybrid greens up Shanghai

Supercharged Powertrain Touted For V6-Like Power, Four-Cylinder Fuel Efficiency

Nissan will start selling hybrid variant of the Murano SUV in China this summer.

Wards names its 2015 10 Best Interiors list

Wards Auto has named its best cabins of 2015, ditching last year's high-dollar vehicles for far more attainable offerings.

First Drive
2015 Nissan Murano First Drive

Third Time's The Charm

The Murano has an interesting position within the Nissan stable. On one hand, its size puts it between the Rogue and Pathfinder, both of which are geared more toward families, big and small. And while the Murano could easily be used for hauling your brood, that's not exactly its forte. A

2015 Nissan Murano configurator is lux'd and loaded

We just got done driving the all-new, 2015 Nissan Murano and while you'll have to wait just a few more hours for our complete driving impressions, you can at least get online and build your very own example of Nissan's latest CUV, thanks to the company's new configurator.

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