Long Term

Our thoughts after a year with a 2015 Nissan Murano

As is often the case with big long-term vehicles, we kept this one busy. The 2015 Murano Platinum AWD that Nissan loaned us for a year was constantly hauling this, transporting that, helping someone move, or on a road trip. Our staff put more than 27,000 miles on it. We got to know it well.

Our opinions are summarized in the video above. Most of us found it comfy. Some loved the concept-y exterior styling, which is what lets this model stand apart from its competitors. Others weren't so keen on the marbleized interior – in fact, opinions differed most on the styling. The engine and transmission didn't get anyone too excited, although we were pleased with how smoothly the CVT delivered power. We never really got the connected apps to work. The creature comforts were appreciated, but there were no standouts or new whiz-bang items – sometimes that's okay. The Murano was dependable but not involving. In short, it did exactly what most mid-size crossover buyers will ask of their vehicles.

The stats: We covered 27,381 miles, averaging 24 mpg and consuming more than 1,100 gallons of regular gas. The 24-mpg figure happens to match the EAP combined rating for this model, so we'll give ourselves a pat on the back there. Nissan gets some credit, too, of course.

Watch the video for our parting thoughts, and check out our long-term coverage for more on the Murano and the other vehicles in our garage.

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