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Lexus' European boss says segment's too important to ignore

Despite sales of the Lexus CT hybrid hatchback ending last year in the U.S., Lexus isn't planning to abandon its segment in favor of the new compact crossover, the UX. The CT remains on sale in some countries, and Lexus's European boss is adamant the brand has to keep offering cars in that segment.


Compact luxury crossover drops at an opportune moment for Lexus.

Both hybrid and conventional UXs go on sale in the fall in the U.S., but pricing hasn't been announced yet.


Here's what it looks like, inside and out

Lexus releases the first official photo of the production UX compact crossover.


Wacky 2016 concept is now reborn as a production vehicle.

The teaser image doesn't show much, yet.


They'll have to tone it down from the wild concept, but CUV would slot in below the Lexus NX.

Rumor has it Lexus will bring a production version of the UX concept compact crossover shown in 2016.


The concept car, deconstructed.

UX is short for user experience, and that's just what Lexus is trying to rethink with the unique interior and exterior design of its latest concept car.