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First Drive

When you're late to the party, you'd better make a bold entrance

When you're late to the party, you'd better make a bold entrance.


The track-only supercar competition just got a zillion degrees hotter


What you'll get for $2.5 million, and plans for SUVs to come

One thing potential customers of Automobili Pininfarina's circa-$2.5-million, 250 mph electric hypercar can be rest assured of: It should look good. "Above all it must be beautiful," Italian design director Luca Borgogno told a small gathering of the world's press at the exclusive launch of the new car brand in Rome, on the eve of the first-ever Formula E race there last week.

The 2018 GFG Sibylla for Geneva, EV partnership among company's latest moves

The concept's specification sheet lists 400 Kw of power via four 100-Kw electric motors, a 280-mile range and a 4.5-second 0-62-mph time, but there's no production talk for this car.


Design boss likes to buck trends, but is the SUV trend one he can avoid?

In Manzoni's job, it would be impossible not to respect Ferrari's incredible back catalog, but he's no slave to the past.


'Honestly, we don't see them as retro ... but they are friendly faces.'

The Urban EV will spawn a production Honda EV on sale in Europe starting in 2020 followed by Japan afterward.


But Akira Kamio offers no hints at future production

Suzuki's head of design discusses e-Survivor SUV concept and his personal inspirations

First Ride

We go off-road in the passenger seat of the new Mercedes pickup.

It's good at what it does, but we've got our complaints.