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Take your pick from a special yellow LC and a sky blue UX

The Lexus LC coupe gains an eye-catching yellow hue in its new concept guise.

Spy Shots

It gets a little more of everything

It gets a little more of everything.


The Multi-Stage Hybrid System is a step forward for green powertrains.

The Multi-Stage Hybrid System is a step forward for green powertrains.


Chevy, Lexus and Nissan made the cut.

Each brings something new and novel to the table.


Both have unique paint, but only one has vibranium-powered core indicator nodes.

One has a lot of fictional features.


Marvel films have featured hot new cars for years.

Quick Spin

It's fast, looks good, and we managed to wedge a car seat in back.

Just like the concept, only better.


The spot is called "Man & Machine," and a 30-second version will air during the big game.


The LC lends itself well to Super GT racing.

Lexus' styling is polarizing, but when outfitted for high-level racing in its home country, the effect on a car like the LC500 is transformative.


Lexus's two-transmission, two-motor, one-engine LC 500h is just as pretty as the gas-powered car from Detroit, but it should make for a more interesting ride.


It amounts to Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive mashed up with a four-speed automatic, and it means better response with less of that disconnected hybrid feeling.


That's right, 1940s technology today!

Lexus's new Multi Stage Hybrid System combines gas-electric newness with old transmission tech in search of a more connected driving experience.


Lexus has revealed our first glimpse at the new LC 500h, the hybrid version of the coupe we first saw in Detroit last month, ahead of its debut in Geneva in a couple of weeks from now.

First Drive

The Goal Is To Keep 'Boring' And 'Lexus' Out Of The Same Sentence

Our reviewer had incredible access to development mules of the upcoming LC 500 to see first-hand how Lexus will take the fight to the Germans.


Production Version Of LF-LC Looks Like The Concept

Based on a new global platform, the stylish Lexus LC 500 sets its sights on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe.


A production version of Lexus' LF-LC Concept is in the works. Look for the LC 500 to debut at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show in January.

Spy Shots

Judging by these latest spy shots, it appears that Lexus has gotten down to the business of getting the LF-LC concept ready for production - set to take on the BMW 6 Series and company as a 2018 model.