This Lexus LC Super Bowl ad is like a Sia music video with sweet wall dancing

What you see above is the extended, 60-second version of Lexus's "Man & Machine" Super Bowl commercial. The car/machine half is obviously the new 2017 Lexus LC 500 coupe, and the man in question is Lil Buck, a so-called movement artist (we think that's like a dancer). Both are moving to Sia singing "Move Your Body" from her latest album, "This Is Acting."

So yeah, it's basically a music video with a car featuring prominently in it, which is fine by us. (In fact, it was directed by Jonas Åkerlund, who specializes in the genre.) We see the machine and the man on split screen, and then the voiceover attempts to tie it all together: "Machines don't have emotions, but the rare few can inspire them." And then Lil Buck seems to defy gravity by slithering into the car while the door closes. The coolest part is how he dances on the walls around the Lexus. Revolving sets with fixed cameras are neat, especially with a car stuck in the middle.

The spot closes with Lexus's new tagline, Experience Amazing. Like most corporate mottos, it says almost nothing about the brand. But hey, the commercial is fun to watch, and we happen to like the new LC, so they're doing something right. A 30-second version of the spot will air during the big game.

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