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Koenigsegg preparing its cars for crash tests is an ugly affair

Hint: it involves a supercomputer and a sledgehammer

Hint: it involves a supercomputer and a sledgehammer.

Discover the secrets of the Koenigsegg Jesko and Regera

Top Gear finds it takes 50 hours to build a carbon wheel, 600-800 to paint a car

Top Gear finds it takes 50 hours to build a carbon wheel, 600-800 to paint a car.

Koenigsegg plans a ‘CO2 neutral’ hybrid supercar

It’d slot below both the Agera RS and Regera

It'd slot below both the Agera RS and Regera.

Koenigsegg creates a lighter, special Regera with hand-polished bare carbon fiber

No paint, no epoxy, no clearcoat – just carbon

No paint, no epoxy, no clearcoat. Just carbon

Koenigsegg sees new Tesla Roadster as the 'gauntlet' thrown down

He's doubling down on an even more energy-dense combustion engine

Doubling down on an even more energy-dense combustion engine.

Koenigsegg is fresh out of Regeras, brings restored CCX to Geneva

With no more Regeras to sell, a Certified Legend takes the stand

On the Koenigsegg stand will be two slightly different versions of the Regera and a refurbished 2006 CCX.

Christian von Koenigsegg on tires, record speed and watchmakers

We talk to the man himself at the Detroit Auto Show.

The Agera RS just set a production car top-speed record.

Watch a Koenigsegg Regera go through some brutal crash testing

Koenigsegg released the video to celebrate social media followers.

It's not pretty, but it looks fun.

The first production Koenigsegg Regera looks wonderful in bare green carbon

Green, because it's a 1,500-horsepower hybrid.

Nearly 250 mph with the top down.

The most exciting vehicle reveals of 2016

We recap the year in auto show debuts, highlighting the important new stuff from Chevy, Nissan, Mazda, and others in 2016.

Koenigsegg renders purple Regera as a tribute to Prince

"Lila Regera", or "Purple Reign", as the company says.

The purple color fits the 1100-horsepower Swedish supercar exceptionally well.

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Best in Show From 2016 Geneva Motor Show | Autoblog Minute

Highlights of our favorite vehicles from the 2016 Geneva Motor show.

Christian von Koenigsegg shows off the Regera's details

Listen to Christian von Koenigsegg give a fascinating interview about the details of the new Regera, the Agera One of 1, and the Agera RS. He makes you desperately want one of the company's cars.

The Koenigsegg Regera is the most insane hybrid on earth

It has more horsepower and weighs less than the Bugati Chiron. Yikes.

Koenigsegg has built a car that will go from zero to 248 miles per hour in just 20 seconds. Bugatti, you should be very, very scared.

Ever wonder what makes Christian von Koenigsegg tick?

Christian von Koenigsegg creates some of the most powerful cars in the world, and his company always finds a way to extract just a little more power or a tad less weight from each new product. In a new video, he explains that drive and makes the work sound easy.

Koenigsegg charges forward with 1,500-hp Regera hybrid hypercar [w/video]

Koenigsegg is gunning for the Porsche 918, McLaren P1 and LaFerrari with the new Regera revealed here in Geneva, boasting a plug-in hybrid powertrain and 1,500 horsepower.

Koenigsegg plugs in new Regera for trip to Geneva [w/video]

Latest teaser from Koenigsegg confirms the new Regera supercar will offer plug-in recharging, potentially putting it in the same class of seven-figure hybrid hypercars as the Porsche 918, McLaren P1 and LaFerrari.

Koenigsegg casts light on Geneva Motor Show debuts

Koenigsegg is bringing two completely different supercars to the Geneva Motor Show: the stripped-out Agera RS and the luxed-up Regera.

Koenigsegg bringing Regera megacar to Geneva Motor Show

Koenigsegg is promising the unveiling of a new megacar called the Regera at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The name comes from the Swedish verb to reign over something.