The Swedish horsepower junkies at Koenigsegg just keep growing both in terms of engine output from its creations and actual production. The company arrived at the Geneva Motor Show with two new models: the Agera RS with just 1,160 horsepower and the Regera plug-in hybrid with over 1,500 hp. Company founder Christian von Koenigsegg has even hinted at a four-door vehicle on the horizon. The father of the brand has also just released a brief video giving some insight into what it has taken to keep developing all of these megacars.

Amazingly, Koenigsegg makes the process sound extremely easy. He has a passion for building cars, and once the company completes something crazy, it's possible to see a way to do just a little more in the future. After years of that incremental improvement, the automotive landscape ends up with the staggering performance possible from the brand's latest products. ​Don't expect Koenigsegg to stop pushing the limit anytime soon, either.

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