Like so many others, it seems Christian von Koenigsegg is a big fan of Prince, the rock legend who passed away on Thursday. On the same evening, Koenigsegg posted on its Facebook page a purple-wrapped CCXR, with the caption "Purple - in memory of Prince. RIP Kid. Gone way too soon." As the public reception to the post was rapturous, Koenigsegg then rendered a Regera in the same hue, publishing the render on Friday with the comment "'Lila Regera' in Swedish. That's (sort of) 'Purple Reign' in English."

Messages from different manufacturers have poured out in sympathy to the rock star who died suddenly at the age of 57, and one of the most memorable messages was Chevrolet's red Corvette post, captioned "Baby, that was much too fast." Koenigsegg's purple Regera is certainly over-the-top in style, matching Prince's glamorous and no-holds-barred musical persona. Koenigsegg says there's a two-year waiting list for a made-to-order, limited edition Regera, so it would take a little while for a purple car to hit the streets. But we agree with Koenigsegg in the opinion that this rendering looks so good, we hope there's a Price fan out there who orders a Regera in this hue to spread some purple love to the rest of the motoring world.

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