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Tesla's Model 3 Key Fob arrives without 'passive entry' feature

The $150 device is available on the EV maker's website

The $150 device is available on the EV maker's website.

Ford patents a multi-touch version of its classic keypad

If Ford offers this keypad, you'll be able to enter more complicated entry codes.

AAA rescues a record 32 million stranded drivers

Most calls were for flat tires, dead batteries, and keys locked in cars.

Many of the rescues could have been avoided.

Keyless entry systems are still vulnerable to simple hack

German researchers demonstrated how many cars are vulnerable to an inexpensive and effective technique.

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Skylock brings your bike into the 21st sharing century

Keys and combinations are for your old man. Skylock brings your bike lock into the digital age, which actually is more exciting and practical than it sounds. This solar-powered U-lock claims to be "as strong as any lock on the market," and features levels of connectivity that add a lot of versatility to what used to just be a thing to keep your bike from getti

VW Jetta ad suggests keyless entry is not always convenient

"My dog ate my homework." That excuse might not have worked in grade school, and as Volkswagen proves in its latest ad for the Jetta sedan, telling your boss "my dog ate my keys" is no excuse for being late to work, either.

Hacking keyless entry and ignition systems is easier than you think

Anything that emits a signal can be intercepted. Or extended. So with that simple fact in mind, researchers at ETH Zurich in Switzerland were able to imitate the signal coming from a car's key fob, allowing them to open the doors and drive away. And it wasn't just one model from one brand. The study included 10 different models from eight manufacturers.

Infographic: The Unstealable Car

What a theft-proof car requires – Click above to view the image after the jump

BYD introduces the Keyless Entry Wristwatch

Not even James Bond has one of these: a watch that performs the functions of a keyless entry fob for your car. Developed by (or for) Chinese car manufacturer BYD, the gadget is made only for the F8 model. Press the top button on the right, and the car is locked, press the bottom button, the car is unlocked.

Keyless entry pwned! Researchers say it takes less than an hour

We all take for granted that the little plastic key fob in our pockets is a secure way of locking and unlocking our car doors. But a group of researchers say they have devised a way to relatively quickly decipher your car's unique code and totally pwn everything inside it.