BYD introduces the Keyless Entry Wristwatch

Not even James Bond has one of these: a watch that performs the functions of a keyless entry fob for your car. Developed by (or for) Chinese car manufacturer BYD, the gadget is made only for the F8 model. Press the top button on the right, and the car is locked, press the bottom button, the car is unlocked.

The watch also has a starter function, but it's not labeled on the bezel like the others. Since it has a manual movement, you don't need to worry about a battery going dead as long as you wear the watch... and move. No word on whether you need to wind it in case you don't wear it. But come on now, it's not like you could stay away from your BYD F8 long enough for the watch to stop, is it? And as the brochure states, it even tells time -- which is not a bad thing for a watch.

[Source: The Tycho]

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