"My dog ate my homework." That excuse might not have worked in grade school, and as Volkswagen proves in its latest ad for the Jetta sedan, telling your boss "my dog ate my keys" is no excuse for being late to work, either.

In this clever new 30-second commercial, a frantic Jetta owner struggles to find his keys before realizing that man's best friend has, in fact, digested them. No problem, though – with keyless entry, the fob only needs to be within a certain proximity of the vehicle to do everything from locking and unlocking the doors to rolling up the windows and closing the sunroof. It's a clever ad (bonus points for the Johnny Cash "Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog" soundtrack), and all we can say is, let's hope that fob can withstand a good washing after it, um, presents itself again.

Scroll down to see the VW spot in its entirety.

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