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According to HomeSecurity.net, one million vehicles (worth a total of $7.5 billion) were stolen in the United States last year. If you don't want to join a top ten list of vehicles dominated by Honda and Toyota, there are seven key technologies you'd install to create "The Ultimate Theft-Proof Car." No, one of them isn't The Club.

Leading the way is a radio-frequency transmitter, which is alone responsible for 90 percent of theft recoveries. Following that are a secure identification device like a fingerprint reader, some sort of GPS tracking system, SIM-card operated GSM communications that allow the car to call its owner when broken into, an interior motion detector, keyless entry and a passive immobilizer. Or you could just get an Abrams M1 tank – we hear they're pretty hard to lift. Follow the jump for the complete infographic.

[Source: HomeSecurity.net]

The Ultimate Theft Proof Car.

Research by Home Security.net

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