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Autonomous tech will drive motorheads off the road

Leave mindless commuting to robo-taxis, driving enthusiasts will take to the track and trails

Will the 'passenger economy' come to pass?

Tesla's Elon Musk releases video showing Model 3 production

Assembly line is running at 1/10th speed.

The assembly line is running at 1/10th speed.

Volvo XC40 crossover gets accidental reveal in Instagram photo

It looks like it didn't stray far from the concept car.

Elon Musk shares footage of The Boring Company’s first working car elevator

Let's hope someone doesn't come along and fall into that big hole.

Beyoncé posed for her famous pregnancy pic on a Porsche 914

This particular pregnancy-pic Porsche has quite the patina.

Buggy driver who terrorized San Diego facing 26 misdemeanors

Charges include nine counts of reckless driving.

The dune buggy driver that ran wild across San Diego as part of a viral video has been hit with 26 misdemeanors. He calls it a "small bump in the road."

How Chevy used popular Instagram user to promote 2016 Volt

Photographer Has 181,000 Instagram Followers

Chevrolet brings popular Instagram photographer to Detroit to publicize next-generation Volt.

Cadillac goes white-out on social media as prelude to Oscars announcement [w/video]

Cadillac's social media presence across the web is now blank, in preparation for the debut a new advertising campaign during the Oscars.

12 Instagram accounts we love

And You Will, Too

Photographing a car seems deceptively simple. See car, take photo. But anyone who has ever attempted to convey what a car stirs in the enthusiast heart using hashtags knows it is not that easy. A car's personality can change from every angle. Lighting and background are deceptively important. Conditions like dust and even small scratches can send even hardened professionals' thumbs straight to the garbage can icon.

Acura Posts Teaser Videos Of Hybrid NSX Prototype On Vine, Instagram

The Acura NSX Concept made our list of the "Five Future Green Cars We're Most Excited For" back in 2012. To think that was before we saw these teaser videos of the rip-roaring hybrid supercar:

Acura teases 17 seconds of the NSX on Vine and Instagram

Acura won't roll out the prototype NSX until August 4 when it shows up at Mid-Ohio Raceway for the Honda 200 IndyCar race, and the genuine production car isn't scheduled to arrive until 2015. Acura w

Lexus IS commercial made with Instagram photos

Facebook was so 2010, so it's no surprise that automakers are taking advantage of newer social media applications for their marketing purposes. Most recently, Lexus invited more than 200 followers on Instagram ("Instagrammers"), along with their smartphones, to make a commercial of the 2014 Lexus IS using hundreds of their photos of the car strung together into a video.

Toyota Super Bowl ad to star Big Bang Theory bombshell Kaley Cuoco

Toyota has turned to actress Kaley Cuoco for a little help during this year's Super Bowl. The Big Bang Theory star will play a role front and center in the automaker's spot for the game, and Toyota fans have a chance to show up in the ad as well. Anyone can take a photo and upload it via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #wishgranted for a chance to have their image featured in the