Man stops for selfie in the middle of raging brush fire

Kevin Kwok must have been one shrimp short of a barbie when he stopped to get a selfie with a raging bushfire as he drove through Kundabung, Australia over the weekend.

Kwok was driving on Australia's west coast when he found himself in the middle of one of 52 fires raging in the region, 9news reported. Instead of making a quick escape, Kwok recognized a winning social media moment and jumped out of his vehicle for a selfie with the inferno.

"There is a fire...and I hope I survive," Mr Kwok said in his video.

Kwok thought he had Instagram gold, but the New South Wales Rural Fire Service was less than impressed with Kwok's stunt.

"Use some common sense. If you come across a bush fire, you should be thinking about your safety, not selfies," said NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons.

Firefighters are working overtime to stop the infernos that are currently blazing across the Australian state of New South Wales. The fires have already burned through 6,500 hectares, or 16,000 acres, of land. This isn't the first time we've seen drivers document their hellish drives through a wildfire. Last year, a family on vacation in California was caught in the middle of a wildfire and recorded as they drove along. This past spring, a man recorded his escape from the Fort McMurray fires in Canada, a fire that would eventually consume 2,400 acres and cause the largest evacuation in Alberta history.

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