Beyoncé posed for her famous pregnancy pic on a Porsche 914

As this is written, the image that Beyoncé posted to Instagram announcing her pregnancy with twins has 8,348,443 likes. By the time you read it, that number will be much, much higher. According to Instagram, the pic was the first ever image to achieve more than 7.2 million likes its first 24 hours, and that momentum shows no sign of letting up. It's already the most-liked image in Instagram's history.

But you probably already knew all of that. What you might not know, however, is that the world's most famous pregnancy pic was snapped with the singer atop a forlorn looking Porsche 914. The faded red paint has just the right patina to be made into a gardenesque prop, and its removable targa top acts as a perfect perch on which Beyoncé can model.

If you want to see more of the photo album that is the Carters' pregnancy announcement – thoughtfully titled "I HAVE THREE HEARTS" – you're welcome to check out Beyoncé's website here. A word of warning, though: while short of all-out nudity, some of the pics may require a Not Safe For Work tag.

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