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Gaming Roundup | 'Gran Turismo 7' has been delayed

Also, there's a new 'Crazy Taxi' clone available to enjoy

Gaming Roundup | 'Dirt 5' and 'Wreckfest' are coming to Game Pass

Also, EA makes a heartening promise to Codemasters fans

Deals and Promotions
Gaming Roundup | The Ford F-150 is coming to 'Rocket League'

Also, there's a huge sale on EA racing games right now

Gaming Roundup | 'Destruction AllStars' has released on Playstation 5

And we finally get a look at the Mario Kart ride at Universal Studios Japan

Gaming Roundup | Ford presents the 'Rocket League' winter tournament

Also, you may be able to play 'The Witcher 3' in your new Tesla very soon

Gaming Roundup | 'Rocket League' teams up with X Games

Also, 'Ride 4' and 'The Crew 2' get big updates

Logitech's G923 feedback racing wheel lets you feel every curve of the road

But the $400 setup might not work yet with your favorite game

'Need For Speed: Heat' is fun and very fast

It’s not perfect, but fans of the genre should be pleased

Introducing the 2019 Autoblog Gaming Guide

Everything you need to know about video games, live streaming, e-sports and more

Autoblog's gaming guide is your one-stop for video game news, reviews and videos for Xbox, Nintendo, and mobile gaming. There's also info and how-tos for live streaming, e-sports and more.

Briton crowned World's Fastest Gamer, wins IRL racing career

He'll have a year as a professional driver with a GT sports car team

Update: We live-streamed The Grand Tour Game

There was a delay, but we finally got to try it

There was a delay, but we finally got to try it.

Forza Horizon 4 car list is here, and it's amazing

More than 450 cars make up this ultimate virtual garage

More than 450 cars make up this ultimate virtual garage.

Sega adds 'OutRun' and other classic soundtracks to Spotify

The sound of the game that consumed much of our youth is back.

Hot Wheels AI is the love child of slot cars and Roomba

Forget about video games, this is how you race against a computer in real life.

F1 2016 gets 22-player support for online multiplayer races

F1 2016 gets a slew of upgrades in a bid to make the racing experience as realistic as possible.

Explore Google Maps with Link from 'The Legend of Zelda'

Open up Google Maps in the browser and you'll notice that the yellow Pegman now looks like Link.

'Forza Motorsport' comes to Windows PCs this spring

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is a free, distilled version of FM6 that shows what the previously Xbox One-only title can do with a gaming PC behind it.

'Carmageddon' comes to PS4 and Xbox One this year

Stainless Games has revealed Carmageddon: Max Damage, an upcoming take on the car- and pedestrian-crushing racing game for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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