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'Rocket League' adds the Ferrari 296 GTB to the item shop

For 2,000 in-game credits you can be doing flip resets in a Ferrari

'Hot Wheels Unleashed' has launched its Looney Tunes Expansion | Gaming roundup

Also, the Hot Wheels 'Mario Kart' Rainbow Road set is still nearly half-off for Prime Day

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'F1 22' feels fast and familiar | Gaming Roundup

Also, 'Construction Simulator' is coming to a console near you

'Hot Wheels Unleashed' has launched its Jurassic World Racing Season | Gaming Roundup

Also, the new 'Forza Motorsport' will support real-time ray tracing

The new 'Forza Motorsport' is coming in spring 2023 | Gaming Roundup

Also, 'Forza Horizon 5' is getting a Hot Wheels DLC

'Twisted Metal' TV show casts Will Arnett as Sweet Tooth | Gaming Roundup

Also, 'Snowrunner' continues to impress with its latest content update

The new Nissan Z is coming to 'Rocket League' | Gaming Roundup

Also, 'WRC Generations' is hitting shelves this October

"Rocket League" gets a new Formula 1 fan pass | Gaming Roundup

Also, is the original "Forza Horizon" due to make a comeback?

'F1 22' is coming this July with support for VR headsets | Gaming Roundup

Also, 'Rocket League' is adding a new free-for-all battle mode

'Gran Turismo 7' releases new update to appease upset players | Gaming Roundup

Also, 'Rocket League Sideswipe' has entered its third season

'rFactor 2' is now the official home of Formula E sim racing | Gaming Roundup

Also, 'Hot Wheels Unleashed' has started its new DC Super Heroes season

"Gran Turismo 7" will get a fix for its damaged economy | Gaming Roundup

Better payouts and the ability to sell cars are coming to the rescue

'WRC 10' has arrived for the Nintendo Switch (in Europe)

Don't worry, the North American release isn't far behind

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