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'Disney Speedstorm' looks like Mickey Mouse 'Mario Kart' | Gaming Roundup

Also, 'F1 Manager 22' gets a release date

This week in racing game news:

'Disney Speedstorm' is hitting consoles and PC later this year

This week IGN published a hands-off preview of the upcoming "Disney Speedstorm" kart racer and gave us a bunch of new information about the project. The game is being created by Gameloft, developers of the popular "Asphalt" series. It looks pretty much like you'd expect: a colorful cast of Disney characters, exciting-looking tracks and the tried and true kart-racer staple of "easy to grasp, tricky to master" vehicle handling. However, the gameplay twist seems to come by way of individualized abilities for each racer. For instance, Hercules "can summon Pegasus and receive a turbo shot by driving in his magical slipstream" and Belle "can summon obstacles ahead of opponents using her enchanted mirror." These sound like potentially pretty interesting alterations from your standard kart racer. And despite the game being a "freemium" release, which often gives gamers pause, it seems like this could be one to keep an eye on when it drops on an unconfirmed date later this year.

'F1 Manager '22' is launching on August 25

F1 fans rejoice! "F1 Manager '22," not to be confused with "F1 '22," will be releasing this year on August 25 for anyone who pre-orders the game. For everyone else, you'll be able to snag it 5 days later on August 30. This game, unlike "F1 '22," is less about the racing and more about the managing and back-end strategizing. If you're the kind of person who likes to get into the nitty gritty sim-like details of your racing games, this one is definitely worth a look. It'll be available on PC, Xbox and Playstation systems. If you'd like to pre-order it, you can do that here. Otherwise, check out the trailer below.

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