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Water-damaged cars pop up on the market all too often

Water-damaged cars pop up on the market all too often.


The damage is estimated at nearly $9 million

The damage is estimated at nearly $9 million.


A reminder never to drive into floodwaters

A reminder never to drive into floodwaters.

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They can, and do, show up on the market.

Every year, it seems a few major hurricanes batter the coast, ruining property, disrupting lives, and immersing a bunch of cars in nasty floodwater. Some of those cars are scrapped through the proper channels, but unscrupulous middlemen sometimes peddle the cars to witting or unwitting sales outlets, often without a trace of the car's soggy history. So it's always a good time to review the basics of how to avoid buying a flood-damaged used car.

After a disaster, the National Insurance Crime Bureau works with companies and authorities to identify cars with insurance claims to process them for sale.


Latest developments in the flooding from Hurricane Harvey

Latest developments in the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.


Water had filled the cab of his truck

Water had filled the cab of his truck.


She got out and moved barricades on a closed road


Those Tesla Model S floor-mounted batteries appear to be well-sealed.

Tesla Model S owner in Kazakhstan finds out his electric sedan makes a halfway decent boat.


A driver in England immediately regretted his decision to charge into the waters of a flooded street, becoming stranded in the process.


This video illustrates the perils of driving in a flood.


A man and his monster truck saved the day yesterday after a woman became trapped by a flooding river in Texas.


Watch the disaster unfold in slow motion.

A reporter in Houston watches a car drive into a flooded overpass, but he's exasperated with the driver. The journalist isn't very excited the prospect of helping to save the guy.


On April 10, a massive storm swept across Cornwall, a county at the far southwest tip of England. A surprisingly high spring tide combined with 65 mile per hour winds flooded coastal towns and tore the roofs from houses.


About 200 cars were swamped by a mudslide in the mountains and desert north of Los Angeles Thursday afternoon.


Heavy rains caused a flash flood in the streets of the costal town of Adra, Spain, Monday afternoon.


As many as 10,000 vehicles have been damaged or totaled as a result of the recent flooding in Texas, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Here's how to be sure you don't get tricked into buying one.

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A Texas teenager tweeted while stranded on top of his truck after being washed away in a flash flood Sunday afternoon.


Nevada may not often be thought of as a state plagued by heavy rains, but some residents who are being inundated with severe storms that are causing flash flooding and mudslides might beg to differ. One recent deluge was strong enough to overflow the US 95 highway and shut down the road. The powerful current turned the median into raging rapids capable of carrying away people and cars. Of course, with everyone carrying a camera at all times these days, the horrifying incident was captured on vid

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