Mother frantically calls 911 as floodwaters sweep away family car

Oklahoma police released the frantic 911 call a mother made after the SUV her family was riding in was swept away by floodwaters last week. Britta Franck was traveling from her sister's house in Grove, OK, to her home in Kansas with her grandmother and three young sons when her SUV ended up in a swollen creek, ABC News reported.

It's unclear how the SUV became trapped in the rushing waters of a roadside creek. A fallen tree was the only thing keeping the car upright and stable. Franck tightly gripped her one-year-old and three-year-old sons on top of the car while her six-year-old clung to the tree that held the family car in place, OCK Fox reported. Her grandmother was injured and also hanging on for dear life.

"We're in the water," Franck says in the recording. "The car is under the water, and we need help." The situation became so dangerous that the children can be heard saying their goodbyes to their mother on the recording. The family spent 45 minutes in the frigid water waiting for help. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrived with a tow truck and ropes and rescued the entire family. They were all treated for minor injuries and released.

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