The flash floods that gripped Texas last weekend created obvious and unseen risks for drivers. That's why the National Weather Service posted this eye-opening video to its Facebook page on Saturday to encourage drivers to stay safe and stay out of the water.

A GMC truck braved the rising waters before this road was washed away. Moments later, a huge chunk of the road fell through. The rest of the road then collapsed throughout the day, illustrating that it isn't just high waters that put drivers at risk.

"It is VERY important not to drive over flooded roadways!" the NWS wrote in the caption. "Turn around, don't drown!"

Good advice. In April a car was carried away with the driver inside when a man in a Honda attempted to drive across what was essentially a temporary pond. Luckily, a camera crew was on-scene to help the driver to safety. And make no mistake, these floods are extremely dangerous. Sixteen people died in the torrential rains and floods this weekend. Reuters reports that levels in local waterways reached heights not seen in the region in 100 years.

"The most important thing we can do right now is to protect the lives of everybody," Gov. Greg Abbott told WFAA. Abbott declared a state of emergency in more than 30 counties south of Houston. The rains have mostly moved on from the Lone Star State, but now Louisiana and Mississippi are experiencing heavy rains and rising water.

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