Flash flood in Spain turns roads into raging rivers

Heavy rains caused a flash flood in the streets of the costal town of Adra, in Almería, Spain, Monday afternoon. Residents could only watch from higher ground as their cars and trucks were swept away.

Multiple videos and images of disastrous flooding were upload to social media by people in the Spanish regions of Andalusia, Valencia, and Murcia. Two bridges collapsed and multiple homes and businesses were destroyed across southwest Spain. The area had 80 liters, or about 21 gallons, of rainfall per meter in just 40 minutes, according to The Local. In the state of Granada, three men drown when they were trapped in the flood waters.

Floods can throw a community into chaos, and when it comes to cars, the problems last long after the streets have been cleared. A flood in Texas earlier this summer damaged more than 10,000 cars. Afterwards, the National Insurance Crime Bureau warned consumers looking for a used car to check for flood-damage before buying.

Sometimes cars that look fine, but should have gone to the crusher, end up on less-than-honest dealers' lots. When buying a used car, check the VIN to make sure the car was never declared a "salvage" or total loss. Also double check all the VINs on the car match. An unscrupulous seller could switch the more obvious VIN numbers on a vehicle with one that hasn't been damaged in a flood. Make sure all of the electronics work, and check under the seats for mildew or mold.

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