Heavy rains in Houston, Texas, have turned some roadway underpasses into temporary lakes. While covering the adverse weather, a reporter named Steve Campion engaged in what may be the most half-hearted rescue attempt ever captured on video. The whole clip is a slow-motion disaster that's hard to look away from.

The reporter and a cameraman are already on the scene when a driver in a Honda Insight arrives and thinks he can ford the deluge. The plan fails immediately, and the car is quickly in too deep. Despite trying to reverse out of the bad situation and even turning on the windshield wipers, this guy is stuck. Floating, in fact.

Campion doesn't even try to hide his contempt and confusion as this unfolds in front of him. "Why are you doing that," the journalist initially asks. He and the cameraman don't leap to action at this scene, either. "What do we do? I don't want to..." the reporter says.

The Insight driver seems to be in shock, seemingly unable to process the situation even as his vehicle is sinking. ‚Äč Eventually, the reporter and cameraman convince the guy to leave his vehicle. By the time the driver gets to dry land, his Honda is barely visible above the water. The Honda owner seems unharmed, but the reporter probably doesn't deserve much credit for the rescue, regardless of how it's portrayed on KTRK in Houston. See if you agree after watching the video.

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