On April 10, a massive storm swept across Cornwall, a county at the far southwest tip of England. A surprisingly high spring tide combined with 65 mile per hour winds flooded coastal towns and tore the roofs from houses. This didn't stop the residents of Penzance from going about their business on Sunday, however.

Camera phone footage acquired by The Telegraph shows one motorist tempting fate by driving through a powerful storm surge along the waterfront. The video, shot by a Penzance resident named Adam Lobb, shows a white Skoda descending a steep, narrow street to the Abbey Slip, which is completely submerged by encroaching seawater. Determined to cross the slip, the Skoda driver plunged into the waves, which quickly closed over the car's hood. As it struggled through the water, the Skoda was battered by the incoming waves but the driver continued doggedly on and eventually emerged relatively unharmed at the other end of the slip.

"In the driver's defense, he thought the water was more shallow than it was," Lobb told the Telegraph. "He's not some idiot that was going for a thrill, he just didn't expect it to be that bad. We talked about it and he was okay."

After filming the incident, Lobb posted the video to Facebook, where it quickly went viral. By April 11, the video already had more than 112,000 views and had captured the attention of media outlets world wide.

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