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Of course the Dubai police have a hoverbike

Joins a Veyron and Aventador in their fleet. It sounds like a swarm of bees

It sounds like a swarm of bees.

Tourist in Dubai nets more than $47,000 in speeding fines in four hours

He was driving a rented Lamborghini Huracan

He was driving a rented Lamborghini Huracan.

Here's what a Virgin Hyperloop One pod interior might look like

The design challenge: The lack of windows

One of the challenges in designing a Hyperloop pod is overcoming the fact that there won't be any windows, unlike in an airplane. That could result in a claustrophobic environment, especially as Hyperloop passengers will have to remain seated for the entire duration of the journey. Designworks, a BMW-owned design consultancy, has created a prototype interior for the Virgin Hyperloop One, unveiled recently in Dubai.

Watch the Rolls-Royce Cullinan tackle the sand dunes outside Dubai

Great roostertails ensue

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is coming soon. The British automaker has made copious effort trying to keep the Cullinan from being considered just a crossover or SUV. The carmaker calls it an All-Terrain High-Sided Bodied Vehicle, and a feature as banal as a tailgate has been billed as a "Viewing Suite." Yet when Rolls-Royce took a prototype Cullinan for testing in the Dubai dunes, they recorded their Phantom-based SUV ripping up the sand in ways you'd expect from a 30-year-old Chevrolet Bla

Dubai police reveal new Scorpion hoverbike at GITEX

The Dubai police take to the air with a new Scorpion hoverbike.

Hyperloop One shows off Nevada test site; public trial soon

500-meter section of tube has been built outside Las Vegas.

The "DevLoop" test track is big enough for passengers.

Ehang 184 to be tested in Dubai | Autoblog Minute

Dubai to test autonomous passenger drone.

Dubai hopes to launch self-flying drone taxi service this summer

Why have self-driving cars, when you can have self-flying cars?

No, The Grand Tour isn't terrorizing Dubai with a tank

It's merely a scene for the season finale (and it's not a tank, it's an APC).

Despite what the Daily Mail says, a director shouting "action" probably means Clarkson and Company aren't engaged in terrorism.

Hyperloop One getting serious about Dubai-Abu Dhabi route

A trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi may take just 12 minutes.

This high-speed tube system can push transportation pods as fast as 750 miles per hour, twice as fast as a high-speed train.

Hyperloop One eyes Dubai for first commercial route

Hyperloop One eyes the wealthy city in the UAE for growth.

World's most expensive tires sold in Dubai

Dubai's Z Tires teamed with a Chinese tire factory to produce a set of blinged-out, gold embellished, diamond encrusted tires that sold for a cool $600,000.

Dubai police seize 81 cars for illegal street racing

An epidemic of street racing on Dubai's desert highways prompted local police to impound 81 vehicles and levy five-figure fines.

Dubai wants a quarter of car trips to be autonomous by 2030

Dubai's Autonomous Transportation Strategy shifts 25 percent of transport to autonomous driving by 2030.

Dubai wants autonomous transportation to make up 25 percent of trips in the city by 2030, saving $6 billion a year.

Two Ferrari LaFerraris are for sale in Dubai

If you have to ask, one's listed at $3m.

Want to get your hands on a LaFerrari? Head over to Dubai, where we've found two examples up for sale. Better bring a lot of Emirati Dirham.

World Drone Prix promotes Dubai event by racing a McLaren

A Dubai Police McLaren 650S faces off against a racing drone in this promo video for World Drone Prix racing.

In Gymkhana 8 Ken Block drifts in Dubai and races a Veyron

Ken Block's Gymkhana 8 goes to Dubai to drift around the city's supercar police fleet and drag race against a quartet of supercars, including a Veyron.

Ken Block's Gymkhana 8 to feature Dubai Police cars?

Ken Block drops some hints on Twitter about what to expect from Gymkhana 8, set in Dubai.

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