No, The Grand Tour isn't terrorizing Dubai with a tank

It's merely a scene for the season finale (and it's not a tank, it's an APC).

A semi-truck plowed through Berlin's popular Breitscheidplatz market yesterday, killing 12 people and injuring nearly 50. It's widely suspected that terrorists were behind the attack, just as they were earlier this year, in Nice, France, when a ISIS supporter drove a box truck into a crowd of Bastille Day revelers. With these two events in mind, we're not sure The Grand Tour's decision to drive a tank through the wall of a Middle Eastern mall is the most appropriate move. Then again, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond have never been big enthusiasts for what's appropriate.

Footage from the show's stunt popped up on The Daily Mail, which promptly turned the story into a sensational headline claiming The Grand Tour team sparked terror at a Dubai mall. Yet in the video on the Mail's website, you can quite clearly hear a director shout "action" before the tracked vehicle – we think it's a Soviet-era BTR-50 armored personnel carrier, but it's hard to tell – plows through one of the mall's walls. Clarkson himself called out the Mail's shenanigans on Twitter, and we agree – The Grand Tour has made no bones about staging some of this season's stunts, and we have a hard time imagining the show didn't bring a few extras in to spice up this scene.
While the Mail is probably wrong about The Grand Tour terrorizing Dubai, the tabloid is almost certainly right about this scene coming in the show's first-season finale. TGT filmed the segment late last week, and with episode six of twelve airing on Thursday evening in the US, five weeks would give the team plenty of time to put this scene's footage into a presentable format for the final episode. We're looking forward to how the rest of the final episode fits into this element.

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